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Lienholder Notification System

The purpose of the lienholder notification system is to provide notice to lienholders when a lien has been filed by the City of Falmouth, Kentucky on a property.  A lien is defined as a legal claim upon real or personal property for the satisfaction of some debt or duty arising by operation of law.  A lien shall be placed on property owned by the person found by a non-appealable final order as defined by Section 92.04 of the City of Falmouth’s Code of Ordinances.  The lien shall be for all civil fines assessed for the violation and for all charges and fees incurred by the City in connection with the enforcement of the ordinance, including abatement costs.

 Lien Number

Name of Property Owner

Address of Violation(s)

Mailing Address of Property Owner

Copy of Final Order


Katherine Fogle Estate

306 W 4th S., Falmouth, KY

403 Chapel St., Falmouth KY

17808 Hwy 10 N, California, KY

 2023-2  Fix Pad Holdings,LLC 708 Coleman St., Falmouth, KY  14120 Ballantyne Corporate Pl., Suite 160, Charlotte, NC 28277-2861  Final 
 2023-3 Steve & Cindy Houchen  111 Maple Ave., Falmouth, KY  906 Sycamore St., Falmouth, KY 41040  Final 
 2023-5 Charles & Kayleen Thomas  407 E Shelby St., Falmouth, KY  407 E Shelby St., Falmouth, KY 41040  Final 
 2023-6 Otis Lee Smith, Jr.  402 W Shelby St., Falmouth, KY  210 Bluegrass Ave., Apt 103 D, Newport, KY 41071  Final