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Maintenance and Public Works Department

Maintenance/Public Works Department
605 Woodson Avenue
Falmouth KY 41040
(859) 654-8780

Call City Hall (859) 654-6937 if you need assistance with utilities. 


Public Works Director Gary Lea
Phone: 859-322-0979

City Employee since 1980 - 2017
Rehire 3/20/2018/ -  

Class B CDL
Waste Water Collection Class 2
Water Distribution Class 2
Experience Certified Electrician

Maintenance and Public Works Department Staff


Richard Courtney
City Employee since 2015 - 2020
Rehire date 2022
Class B CDL
Water Distribution Class 2 


Ricky Cole
City Employee since 2018


Darrin Greg
City Employee since 2020


James Milner 
City Employee since 2021