New Hope Center

New Hope Center Works to Strengthen Families in Our Community in Three Important Ways:

Unplanned Pregnancy Support

When an unplanned pregnancy arises, a women and her partner may have a hard time seeing past the impact to their immediate future. They may feel alone and helpless and see abortion as their only option. New Hope Center is dedicated to compassionately presenting all available options. We offer practical services that meet our clients’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Our services are free and include pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, prenatal care, parenting classes for moms and dads, maternity and infant clothing, diapers, adoption education, referrals and guidance.

Sexual Risk-Avoidance Program

Our Sexual Risk-Avoidance program works to prevent teen pregnancies and other consequences of premarital sexual activity. Through positive, age-appropriate presentations in schools and community groups, students learn the emotional, physical and societal benefits of abstinence until marriage.

After-Abortion Support

After-abortion support is designed to assist those who have experienced abortion and are struggling with emotions surrounding that experience.