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Falmouth Forward Volunteer Collaborative

Falmouth Forward Volunteer Collaborative Application

The purpose of this collaborative volunteer effort is to engage city residents - and partnering organizations - in the leadership, planning and execution of city matters as a consult and support to the Falmouth City Council.  

Special Events Committee

This committee is designed to help plan and execute city-wide events that are collaborative in nature. Each event must engage city residents and foster partnerships with fellow city/county organizations to serve residents with a family-friendly event. Special events must include, but are not limited to:

  1. Fourth of July Celebration
  2. Halloween Celebration
  3. Christmas Celebration

If you would like to be called to volunteer at events, but not serve on the committee, you can indicate by checking the box on page one of the application. 

Revitalization Committee

This committee is designed to help plan and execute city-wide revitalization initiatives that are both collaborative and city-focused. Each sector of this committee must engage residents and fellow city/county organizations in the implementation of events and/or programming. Efforts must include, but are not limited to:

  1. Grand Openings & Ribbon Cuttings
  2. Yard/Block of the Month
  3. Organized City-Wide Beautification (i.e. Prep/Paint the Town, clean up day)

Volunteer Structure

Falmouth Forward voting members must be comprised of City of Falmouth residents. While any resident, non-resident and/or representative of partnering organizations may attend meetings as a contributing participant, there are no more than 10 voting members. These 10 members will be chosen via applications, review and appointment. As a body, each committee will consult council for approval of expenditures and programming plans. Each voting member must be interviewed, scored and selected/appointed to serve a term of 2 years. There are 10 voting members; 5 of which will serve on the special events committee and 5 of which will serve on the revitalization committee. Each subcommittee has 2 co-chairs, which are the highest scoring city resident applicants.

Application Process

Applications are to be distributed at the start of each calendar year, and are due January 31 of each year, with exception of 2017, in which applications are due May 1st. Applications will be held and reviewed upon the end of member’s terms, at which point the scoring/interview process begins again. If there are not enough applications to fulfill the vacant spots on the committee, council will appoint residents to the respective committees. Applications will be kept on file in the event that a member resigns. The next highest scoring candidate would be added to the committee.

Scoring Process

Based on a ranking scale, applicants will be ranked and appointed by the council. Applications will be scored by members of city council. Each applicant will be scored on questions 1-4 at 10 points each.  Applicant scores will be added together (from all council members scoring) for a final score. Applicants will be ranked highest to lowest for overall score. Selected applicants will be notified via phone and/or email.

Consultation of Council

While the committees have ability to function within their scope of work, final programming plans and expenditures will be presented back to the council no less than one month prior to the project/event implementation. If no meeting is held to meet these timeframe requirements, program plans and documentation may be shared with council via email or printed documents, yet still compliant with the 30 days pre-event. Council will approve, amend, and/or reject expenditures and plans of the committee as needed. 


Meetings are to he held at least bi-monthly (once every two months) and additional meetings can be added, as needed. While a joint committee (events and revitalization) meeting or meeting overlap is strongly encouraged, it is not required.